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Award Winning Wight Hotel, Sandown, Isle of Wight

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These international organizations’ web sites allow clients to grade and make comments (good or bad!) about any hotel in which they have stayed. The Wight not only shows an extremely high satisfaction level from guests but is also rated as No 1 out of 29 hotels in Sandown.

N.B. Whilst having a right of reply a hotel has absolutely no control over the comments made.

AA – Merit Score – was 69% - now 78%!

The Wight Montrene is the highest rated 2 Star hotel in Sandown.
  In August 2006 it received a Merit Score of 69% - even then the highest in town.  Our current score is 78%!  But we have no desire for the Wight to become a 3 Star hotel as we lack some of the requirements that are deemed necessary (e.g. sufficient “quiet” lounge space “in which to read the morning papers and do one’s correspondence”, direct dial telephones in bedrooms etc.) the high cost of which would have to be passed on to all of our clients – yet would be used and appreciated by but very few.  Quite simply we are just a seaside, holiday hotel – and in an age when even most children have mobile phones just how many of our clients would actually make use of those missing facilities? We submit – not many!
So a 2 Star we intend to stay – but the intent to to be a very good one!

BUT PLEASE NOTE THAT THE WIGHT MONTRENE IS A 2 STAR HOTEL- please do not be confusedwith many GUEST HOUSES which are currently advertising (quite correctly) that they have 3, 4 or even 5 Stars – but then conveniently forgetting to mention that their stars are GUEST HOUSE STARS as opposed to HOTEL STARSa far different basis of assessment is used!  If in any doubt as to whether an establishment is an hotel or a guest house ask them for their “merit score” – only hotels, not guest houses, are given one by the AA.

RAC Red Stars Award

The Wight was given a coveted Red Stars Award for Hospitality and Service. At the last RAC inspection their inspector commented “A quality 2 Star family hotel – very well presented in all areas and managed with enthusiasm and care”.


The Hotel is also graded 2 Star by the ETC.


Premier Collection Award which states: “The hotel was chosen from
over 300 hotels visited by clients of Urquhart Travel to have consistently shown the highest standards of welcome, friendliness, excellence of service, décor and facilities”. The Wight has also received a similarly worded Hospitality Award.

Food Hygiene at the Wight

Our most recent inspection scored the 5 star maximum (the average hotel/guest house score in Sandown is 3 star – and two big names scored just 2 stars and 1 star respectively!).

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