The Dog & Frog Bar at The Wight Hotel

The Dog & Frog is open all day and is for the use of hotel clients and those attending evening entertainment or functions. Alec Merrick, our very popular Bar Manager for the past 12 years, and his wife Jill ensure that it is stocked to suit most tastes and features an adequate selection of luxury brand whiskies, cognacs etc..

All Round Entertainment

The bar itself divides the room into two distinct sections: one end has seating for around 25 for those who prefer a quiet chat whilst the larger section, seating around 70, has an ample dance area with live entertainment on some evenings each week during our lengthy season.Children, provided that they are accompanied by their parents, are allowed in (but please, not at) the bar – but on the clear expectation that their parents will restrain them from running around and spoiling for other guests the enjoyment of what is, by nature and tradition, an adult environment. We have a saying: “We don’t mind children – but we do mind parents who don’t mind their children!”

Please note that the hotel operates a total ban on smoking and this include all bedrooms* and also the grounds at the rear of the hotel – the only area where smoking is permitted is the car park at the front of the hotel. We greatly hope that this will not inconvenience or upset any of our guests but warn that the rule is rigorously enforced and that anyone found to be breaching same will be requested to leave the hotel.  * A £50.00 deep cleansing fee is payable should it be detected that any guest has smoked in their bedroom. 

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