Our food is outstanding

Well that’s the general verdict of our clients – and we succeed in satisfying the very healthiest of appetites!

We start by using only the best quality fresh produce (sourced locally whenever possible) which is then prepared by our experienced culinary team working from a spotless kitchen where even the walls are stainless steel for complete cleanliness.

Michael Savill, The Wight’s Head Chef

Savill, the Wight’s Head Chef for the past five years (he served as 2nd Chef under Rod Stewart for 10 years) says: “The old Montrene had a terrific reputation for it’s food – and that’s a proud tradition upon which the new Wight Montrene is building. The hotel’s owners are not only enthusiastic about the food we serve, they are also knowledgeable – a great benefit when striving for yet further improvement. Britain now has some of the best chefs – and best food – in the World and many of the dishes which are heavily featured on the Wight’s menus – particularly roasts and hot puddings – are very much in vogue. Food and cooking have become prime TV entertainment – and with the current hype of chefs who have become household names it’s sometimes difficult to remember what we are really here for!”

“Yes, it’s a great pleasure to do something as different as the themed menus for our occasional Winter season special weekends (a Safari Weekend with Alligator, Ostrich, Wild Boar etc. and a Garlic Weekend with, yes, a great deal of Garlic!). But for the most part we concentrate on serving what most of our clients want -piping hot, wholesome, traditional British food at it’s very best! Our belief is to encourage and develop the natural flavour of every dish and that, whilst visual presentation is obviously essential, it must take a back seat to providing a decent sized portion of a dish which is not only full of flavour but is also something that our guests actually want to eat rather than sit and admire!

Basically we are more Floyd or Jamie than Marco!”Typical menus are shown below. We claim to have the BEST BREAKFAST MENU ON THE ISLE OF WIGHT and, as the wording makes clear, if you also want it to be the BIGGEST BREAKFAST ON THE ISLE OF WIGHT then you are more than welcome!

Our Wight Menus

Breakfast Menu, click here to view

To start:

A Glass of Chilled Orange, Grapefruit, Pineapple or Tomato Juice

Then your choice of:

Cornflakes, Weetabix, All Bran, Muesli, Scottish Porridge, Various Yogurts, Fresh Melon, Stewed Prunes or Grapefruit Segments

To follow:

Our Infamous ‘Full Monty’!

Grilled Bacon, Island Farm Egg (fried, scrambled or poached), Locally Made Pure Pork Sausage, Grilled Tomato, Fried Bread, Baked Beans, Award Winning Oakdale Black Pudding and Sautéed Mushrooms OR Any lesser combination from the above BUT – THIS IS DINOSAUR ISLAND – IF YOU ARE REALLY HUNGRY THEN FOR YOU IT’S


(The ‘FULL MONTY’ PLUS – Extra Egg/s, Sausage/s, Extra Anything/Everything/Twice! – just ask!)

Or your choice of:

Eggs (fried, scrambled or poached) on Buttered Toast Boiled Egg(s) and Soldiers Grilled Scottish Kippers (maybe a poached egg on top?) Softly Poached Fillet of Smoked Haddock (again, just maybe, a poached egg?) Fillet of Smoked Mackerel A Substantial Slice of Cold Home Cooked Gammon Ham Garnished with Tomato

And with the above…

Brown or White Toast served with Marmalade or Jam And A Pot of Freshly Brewed Tea or Filter Coffee (DeCaff Available) also Herbal & Fruit Teas)

HOWEVER If you really feel like spoiling yourself, why not order our

BUCK’S FIZZ BREAKFAST (£3.00 Supplement per Person) Scottish Smoked Salmon with Herbed Scrambled Egg Served with a Bottle of Buck’s Fizz at ½ Bottle per Person (Min. 2 Persons) OR THE CHAMPAGNE BREAKFAST As Buck’s Fizz above – but no supplement – just buy the Champagne – please see over


The MONTRENE Continental

Any of the Juices, Cereals and Fruits above then: Warm Croissants, Bread Rolls and Toast Blackcurrant or Raspberry Jam

N.B. Whilst we try to keep a little ahead we largely cook to order. Please therefore be patient if you have to wait for a few minutes before your breakfast arrives. If however you have a ferry to catch then please let us know and we will do our best to speed you on your way.

Dinner Menu – click here to view PDF »


Childrens Menu – click here to view PDF»

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