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The Wight – providing fantastic service, delicious food and great facilities, an ideal location for your holiday or short break accommodation on the beautiful Isle of Wight.
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Best Bargain Package

Book DIRECT with us by phone, email or internet from this, our own website – you will then not only get the GUARANTEED lowest room rate but also be able to pay a much lower car ferry cost than would otherwise be the case!


We are featured by most of the big online companies (Booking.com, Expedia etc) but we must stress that the best rates are only available when the reservation is made direct with The Wight.


Use the button below to get instant quotes and availability, or fill in the form lower down on this page. Please phone if you would prefer to talk with one of our receptionists to arrange a booking

*(Once we have received your reservation we will send an information email which will quote you the cost of the reduced car ferry fares)

Please note that if your requirements are complicated, you have mobility problems, want to bring a pet, Christmas/New Year is involved or you would just prefer the reassurance of dealing with a real person, then it is essential to either ring and talk to one of our receptionists or use the form below.

Room type, no of adults, no of children, ages of children on arrival
e.g. for a family of 5 consisting of 2 adults and children aged 4, 5, and 14 years old (on arrival) it would be Family, 2, 3, (4,5,14)

Room 1:

Room 2:

Room 3:

The Wight is always in the top 10 of Tripadvisor’s “best value of 433 places to stay on the Isle of Wight”.
Book direct via this website (or telephone/email your enquiry) and you will not only get the
guaranteed lowest room rate but also be able to pay a much lower car ferry cost than would otherwise be the case!!