Terms & Conditions
The Wight – providing fantastic service, delicious food and great facilities, an ideal location for your holiday or short break accommodation on the beautiful Isle of Wight.
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Terms & Conditions

Weekend Surcharges

Where the length of stay is less than 4 nights and includes a Friday and/or Saturday night, a surcharge of up to £5.00 per person per night may sometimes be payable.


Isle of Wight Ferry Surcharges

A surcharge of up to £23.00 per car per crossing is made by the ferry companies for travel to or from the Island on Saturdays during the school summer holidays and also on Bank Holiday Weekends and the Isle of Wight Festival. These will be detailed in any quotation.

Reservations – Deposits, Cancellation & Insurance

A deposit of £60.00 per adult and £30.00 per child is required to confirm your reservation and it should be noted that deposits are non-returnable. A telephone reservation may be confirmed immediately by credit card (Access, American Express, Delta, Electron, Maestro, Maestro Int., Mastercard, Solo and Visa cards are accepted). If however you prefer to send a cheque, the accommodation will be held for a maximum of 3 working days pending its arrival.

Reservations made online via booking website require a minimum deposit of 10%.


We recognise the current problems associated with making any advance decisions until a solution is found in respect of the worldwide epidemic so, provided that the reason for cancellation is either: a lock down where you live, a member of your party either personally having the infection or being told to isolate after contact with someone who is contagious, then the following will apply (please note that documentary evidence will need to be supplied as proof that the cancellation is both ESSENTIAL and strictly due to Covid-19):

A – In respect of a STANDARD RESERVATION (explained below) – your preference of either a full return of money paid or transfer of the reservation to any mutually possible dates within 12 months of the original commencement date of the reservation. In the event of such new dates being in a higher pricing season then that new accommodation cost will be reduced by 5% with the guest only paying for any remaining further cost plus any increase in respect of the ferry.

B – In respect of a NON-REFUNDABLE RESERVATION (explained below) – we will allow the reservation to be rescheduled to any mutually possible dates within 6 months of the original commencement date of the reservation. If however the new dates are in a higher pricing season the additional cost would be payable (both for accommodation and ferry costs), such payment being made at the time of amending the reservations. The revised reservation must however be for at least the same number of guests and for the same or longer duration – no refund can be given if you choose to make an amended reservation for fewer people, less nights or during a lower pricing season.

A & B above – The revised reservation must however be arranged a minimum of 14 days before the new intended commencement date.

ALTERNATIVELY, SHOULD THE WIGHT (OR THE ISLAND) BECOME LOCKED DOWN – Irrespective of whether your reservation is made under Standard or Non-Refundable terms, if your dates are affected then within 7 days we will, according to your preference, either:
a) Refund the total of all money paid
b) Carry your payment forward to new mutually possible dates, giving you a 5% discount on the accommodation cost of those new dates.

IN ALL INSTANCES (including Covid-19 related) – No reduction will be given for meals that are not taken or any curtailment of your stay.
Excluding Covid-19 related cancellations the following are strictly applicable:

Once accommodation has been booked, the client and The Wight have entered into a legal binding contract and the following will apply in the event of your needing to cancel your reservation:
a) If cancelled or modified more than 7 days before the commencement of your holiday – loss of the deposit paid
b) If cancelled or modified less than 7 but more than 3 days before the commencement – 65% of the total cost will be charged
c) If cancelled or modified 3 days or less before commencement, or in the event of either a no-show or a curtailment once the holiday has commenced – the total cost will be charged. Should such charges become applicable they will be debited from the debit/credit card used for payment of the initial deposit.

You will have paid the full cost (including for the ferry unless you have decided to book it yourself – but that will cost considerably more than our quotation) – No money back –  please note that if cancelled, modified or in case of no show, the Total Price will have been charged and will be forfeited.

We strongly recommend that this liability should be covered by insurance – a double click on the following link will take you to Guest First – http://www.guestfirst.co.uk/introducers?cid=5813


Balance Payment

Payment of the balance of your account may be made in cash, by credit card (see list above) or by UK mainland cheque. Please note that unless 6 clear working days are available we cannot accept personal cheques.


Arrival & Departure

Rooms are available from 2pm on day of arrival and should be vacated by 10am on day of departure.


Accommodation of Pets

Pets are usually accepted but we reserve the right of refusal. Please enquire for details.



We do not supply towels for the beach, pool, jacuzzi, sauna, steam room or Trimnasium so please remember to bring your own.

Check availability and get prices from our booking page.Book direct via this site (or telephone/email your enquiry) and you will not only get the guaranteed lowest room rate but also be able to pay a much lower car ferry cost than would otherwise be the case!